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Shocking IMF Statement, Quincy Jones Reveals Blockchain Project for XRP, XDC XLM ADA, Casino Coin

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Quincy…. you are a brilliant young man…do not give the Trolls a moment of your time. Please give us, who love you, more of your deep insight. I am waiting for your next class. 😊👍

  2. Something clicked the other day when I was watching the your interviews with 20 people that you co-hosted with Micky B Fresh. Someone mentioned "citizenship" in regards to a metaverse or network. I think this is the new dimension being created. A world with a world. And we will be able to choose where to be a citizen, where to socialize, where to develop, where to invest. Perhaps we'll be able to be a citizen of several "worlds". I think this is going to change our very way we see the world, change our psyche, including governing, community building. In the meantime, those trying to uphold the legacy will be overwhelmed and panic protect. But I think the train will keep rolling. Too much momentum already. It's too much of an evolution to stop because, for the first time in history, because of the internet, we can all watch and participate in its development in real time. These next few years are going to be insane. And we can all collectively try to help each other, in the same way we do when working on a jigsaw puzzle with others. We make a few connections and share it with the whole. So many puzzle pieces coming together now to become the foundations of the future: cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts, AI (we're going to need it to keep up), quantum computing (everyone focuses on the cryptography threat, what about the benefits?), neuralink, etc. Crazy times. "In the vortex"

  3. I have no doubt Quincy is an exceptionally smart young man, my only concern is I am always wary when people start telling you exactly what you want to hear and what aligns with your own beliefs, this is precisely what politicians and social media influencers do to gain popularity.

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