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Shocking Reversal JP Morgan Leak, Bitcoin on the XRP Ledger with Spendthebits, Quant Overledger

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  1. The media can influence ANYONE into thinking something is valuable, even bitcoin…regardless of utility. Just do a fake poll, follow up with some articles, and tada you have a new trend seeded into the minds of the masses. We are sheep, buy who are the shepherds?

  2. SpendtheBits IS the 3rd party…BSV is original bitcoin and does smart contracts and can store data as well as be used as cash…it is fast and scales. Can be transferred peer to peer without extra fees. What of BTC miner fees, how to get around that with added spendthebits fees?

  3. We seem to be waiting for the OK from the bankers who have ripped us all off and the regulators who watched them do it. I wonder if that's why they call us sheeple?

  4. Covid 19 has proved that the U.S. government needs to establish digital Fed accounts for all it's citizens. The banks hurt the distribution of money during the pandemic for citizens and small business. The banks actually took stimulus payments from people who had over drawn accounts or had outstanding debts to their banks , example credit card payments or late mortgage or car payments. The banks are thieves, and we need direct payment corridors for citizens paychecks and tax returns. The banks have bought the Senators and Reps, and they will not be pushed out of this digital payment system that is on the horizon. It's just not payments but the banks stand to lose billions in handling fees to maintain corporate accounts. If small businesses and corporations can make daily or weekly payments to it's workers and other businesses they deal with what do you need banks for. In the case of digital assets such as Bitcoin and XRP, you wouldn't need banks if you can use your XRP or Bitcoin or ETH as collateral…folks the world is about to change..don't be left out! Imagine the enormous amounts of money and time companies such as Toyota and GM could save if they paid their suppliers directly..and XRP is the medium they use to transfer those funds on each end.

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