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Shocking XRP Rally, China Bond Sell Off And Xendpay Runs On Ripple

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Lol, you read the full paragraph where BTC is praised. Then fail to read the paragraph immediately under it : "Still the likelihood is very low". Why are you only picking the parts that you want to hear?

  2. I have watched your great channel for long and I know your computer is lagging with all adds. -Try Brave-browser, it made magic to my computer! Thanks for a lot wisely words!

  3. Please stop bullshitting pretending that ripple partners have anything to do with XRP and Xrapid. People keep on getting burned by these false pretences. Don’t forget that ripple is now actually a competitor to XRP not the opposite. The fact that they were gifted XRP and they offer Xrapid Doesn’t automatically mean that companies Will use it. It’s not being used by 95% of their clients. This really does say a lot. Just be honest and only mention a partner when they are proven to be using Xrapid otherwise you are seen to be highly misleading to any newbie.

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