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Should XRP Holders Be Worried About IBM WorldWire?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Alex its not an IBM stablecoin, IBM r providing the tech for the banks to launch their stablecoins backed by the fiat from those banks. Worldwire works different to Xrapid – Banks will agree to use a stable coin here hence the platform being launched – U can bet banks have already setup agreements for this. Will it be as cheap as Xrapid ?? Don't know are exchanges used in Worldwire ?
    Do banks need to hold the digital asset in Worldwire ?
    A lot not visited here Alex

  2. Xlm will be a front end for retail and xrp for back end bank remittance. I don't think they want retail invested in xrp.

  3. stellar is trading higher on coinbase pro then xrp.
    and then the IBM thing doesn't mean shit 🙂 everyone who is in blockchain is int it for more money… this is sell the news event.

    You are new at this, you read news lol..
    A smart man once said, dont show me the news.. show me the chart and i'll tell you the news.

    sorry but this channel is for kids and sheep, learn to trade folks.

  4. You are not helping the crypto space by dissing Stellar, just because you want xrp to win over everything else. It is not a one or the other game… Stop spreading false claims and deal with the fact that they have a good project too.

  5. When you first started your channel in 2017, I thought you were a smart kid for your age with good reasoning and justifications for XRP. Now I have come to realize that you are just a XRP shiller, something the crypto space doesn't need. "Banks are going to put XLM, stable coins, etc… to the test to realize how inferior they are to XRP?" OMG really? You're basing your facts on what, current liquidity that will change over time?

    If you're really weren't an XRP shiller and a true crypto entrepreneur, you'd say that competition is good and this will push XRP to get more serious about pushing adoption. But to say that XRP is the best and nothing comes close to it is just pathetic, even for an XRP investor. It's like saying Microsoft is the best and Apple, Google, etc… don't even come close or Oracle is the best and IBM, SAP, etc… are worthless.

    Give credit where credit is due and I mean real credit, not an XRP centric credibility. I am an XRP and XLM investor and am pretty ashamed that you represent XRP in this manner and give it a bad name.

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