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St. Jude Charity Scandal Update

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I have a number of issues related to the St. Jude scandal involving CKJ and others. I’ll be running through this on a livestream due to time constraints.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Ckj's apology video was cringworthy. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he literally never said the words "I'm sorry". I mean using kids with cancer for gain??!!! That's sociopathic behavior. Cjk needs to be let out to pasture.

  2. I always felt he was a complete idiot, couldn't stand to watch his ignorance or baffoonery, sometimes I just tuned in to watch him misread or mispronounce words, good God I would have hated to have to read anything he would have written down, probably would have needed an Enigma machine to do so

  3. Just listened to ckj 'apology' video. He seems guilty AF. Blaming everyone else and no real apology. Unsubed…I'm curious..You said in the beginning that you 'got wind' that ckj was going to pull a scam and keep the money. If that is true there is no doubt that it wasn't a 'mistake'…..How did you hear that??

  4. Sam, thank you for showing my response to the tweet! You definitely made it clear that it was very risky and possibly a scam. Thank for all that you do for the community and all the info you bring to us!!

  5. Dude those are kids with cancer man. Fuck that some heavy shit karma on his ass. Plus he makes a 60yr old sleep in her car. Brutal man brutal

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