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Stock Market Exit Strategy = XRP And Ripple Drop Talks Systemic Risk

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. Why on EARTH would you wait for custody.. Why rely on a 3rd party to hold your funds.. go back to the bank. It's so simple to keep your key secure. Your a fool if you think ppl are waiting for custody to hold their xrp the people who are waiting for that are the grandad and grannies and the people who crave to have 3rd party rule over their assets in other words dumb asses.

  2. David schwartz is simply saying HTF bitcoin is around $8800 and XRP is under 25 cents . He is desperate and want to help XRP hopium addict feel better by taking shot at bitcoin . He seem to have forgotten that everybody knows the Bitcoin is the oldest and most primitive of all coins . No amount of badmouthing bitcoin is going to hurt . On other hand XRP is one of the oldest coin and lightning fast and supposed to be the greatest digital asset ( whatever that means) but it is still under bargain price 25 cents . What does that tell you ? Listen to Breanne , she is talking about Bitcoin , when she talks about breadth and depth , you need not look anywhere , bitcoin data shows all that . Finally she talked about resilience and that is again bitcoin . Bitcoin had dropped to about 30% of total crypto currency market cap and now it has recovered to about 65%of total . All those attributes she is talking about do apply to bitcoin and not to XRP yet, but most of you would come to conclusion that she is talking about XRP . It does not hurt to give hopium pill . At the end she did say that consumers are saving money by using XRP but those remittance payments are not doing anything to XRP price . All that liquidity causing XRP turn into stable coin . Utility does not necessarily give you higher value but storage will give you higher price. That 25 cent XRP is basically all storage . That price could move up/down but higher price will not be held up without very high transaction payment volume . How high or low , will only be decided by traders or investors . So you better know your figures what value is put on utility transaction payment volume . By the way do not expect to have any value to XRP utility until it reaches at least 1%of cross border payment volume of SWIFT .

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