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Stock Market Plunge Protection Team | Xrp Crypto Proof of Keys

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Daily XRP News


  1. First , it’s a dead cat bounce and your assumptions are correct. The stock market is in worse shape then we thought. Second the proof of key bullshit is for sure a banker to prove how unreliable the crypto market is and full of amateur investors. Tell the orchestrators of the movement to go wear a pussy hat or something and stay the fuck out the market. Great vid

  2. Dead cat bounce. And our fearless leader said to buy the dip. Rofl. I don't blame you . If I had a 401k I would look at pulling and going into xrp too. Sketchy no matter what.

  3. They are just buying time before it comes crashing down. This is just a means to a scary end, but they will throw a couple more trillion at it before its over.

  4. PPT to the rescue today. lol, they had too, if they let it crash normally think about all the underfunded pensions that required 6% ROI in the market;) They are trying to find buyers of what they been buying for free from the fed;) Only Computers are in the stock market Mom and pop investors have been out since 2008. 2019 nothing but sliver and XRP for me.

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