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Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Daily XRP News

A discussion of the common pitfalls and mistakes sudden wealth recipients make in the transition from their current lives while adjusting and adapting to their newly found wealth.

At the end I give a quick status on the 10/10/2018 market crash that was aptly predicted by Ripple Riddler.

Daily XRP News


  1. Sam, Lets  say my XRP is worth 1 million, would you say a good idea would be cash out to buy a family life time house and pay of in full currently rented, say around 450k (UK CAMBRIDGE EXPENSIVE), and carry on as normal with the rest in the bank or keep in XRP and hold?

  2. Just lost like all my faith in you my friend, what in the h*** are you talking about? Are you missing the picture here this is not about making a bunch of money in crypto and Cashing out Into fiat money investments.. Just hold your crypto, spend your crypto and invest your crypto into the new Economy and F** the financial advisors. The whole purpose of this is to get rid of middlemen remember? So discouraged from this video. You go ahead and put your money back in the old system and watch the dollar collapse all around you and your money disappear.

  3. I am only watching this again because I shared it with my work people. Got a huge laugh again off Fuck these people! Great videos Sam.

  4. GOod thing for me is that I know who my friends and family are that give a crap. If the sudden wealth thing happens to me, the "people coming out of the woodwork" issue won't be a problem for me. I advocate to people all the time, KNOW who your friends and family are that actually care about you. I know a lot of people who can't separate true friends from ACQUAINTANCES. Also, if you don't talk to someone directly for over a year? They aren't important to your life. You know who you care about and who is there for you when you need them. THOSE are your true family and friends. You don't have 100 friends. No matter how popular you are. There aren't enough hours in our lives to maintain that many close friendships. You may have 100 friends, but not all close ones. So if you were to suddenly get rich, deep down, you know who the people you want to take care of are. The rest you just have to tell to pound sand.

  5. I LOVE telling 'friends' and 'family' NO!

    I ACTUALLY get off on it…that look people get when they see the bottom of their 'bullshit platform' come out!

    'NO'…Learn it…Love it.

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