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Surprise 1/2 HR Q&A

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. I starting to believe DM-logic is the "puppet on a string" in the BG123 castle riddle !!! Dancing around for some "Big Boy" Youtube and Twitter "personalities" !!!!!

  2. dm logic appears to be having a serious mental problem… a guy with a screwdriver in one hand and a tape measure in another, all of a sudden is a market expert! Wow! You are an IDIOT to the 10th power! You’re nothing but a fud spreader who’s propped up by another idiot, your nephew jungle inc. you’re a cancer to the xrp community. You absolutely bring no brains to the table. You only repeat what others say… you don’t see a catalyst, of course you DON’T!!! Please stick to the subcontractor odd jobs and leave xrp opinions to others.. pretty please…

  3. Comments mostly negative, people expecting much lower prices…
    Great !!! … that means time to buy is near 🙂
    Always use YouTube as contrarian indicator and you will profit.

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