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Swift Has Run Out Of Options. Good For Ripple , R3 And XRP -CEO SBI Holdings

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. I want to start off by stating that I'm pro XRP and would obviously like to see all the 'good' news reflected in the Price, but it's not happening, why? This is the 'million dollar question' I can see most XRP holders including myself grappling with, and rightfully so! Why then is the price not increasing to more acceptable levels in relations to the 'positive' news been received/fed on a daily basis. Could the following individual factors or more probably rather a combination thereof be the reason? (1) Ripple Labs (the company) not fully disclosing on a continuous basis more detail of their partnerships and actual operational results achieved? (2) Ripple not fully disclosing the outcomes of their negotiations with Government/Legislators and other market stakeholders, i.e. CoinBase? (Some may say Ripple doesn't have to disclose because they are a private company, but I say the 'Public' / the market / XRP Investors have to be more demanding in this regard because we are in fact funding them to a large extend through the digital currency / token XRP). (3) We see this on a continuous basis, once the price lifts (Pump) then within a short time span we see a Dump scenario and then the price drops again (Is this purely normal market speculation due to 'Whales' operating, highly doubted. Could it be that Ripple partners, i.e. R3, selling / dumping part of their +-5 Billion XRP stash to fund their operations, i.e. Corda platform?, bearing in mind that R3 is a 2014 start-up (They are younger than Ripple Labs who themselves is considered a start-up). IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED IF SOMEBODY COULD SHINE MORE LIGHT ON THIS RELATIONSHIP/PARTNERSHIP IN PARTICULAR, because if there's no restriction on, i.e. R3, in as far as holding/selling huge amounts of XRP then the general XRP holder could be in for a long ride at current low price levels. (4) I appreciate what XRP YouTube channels (i.e. The Digital Asset Investor, CJK Crypto, Brad Kimes, Jungle Inc, The Money Channel, etc., etc.) are trying to do for the XRP Community, however I think more fact checking should be done before information gets released, to avoid unnecessary Hype creation. Fact is far better than speculation with specific reference to a mature community like XRP, plus blood pressure levels. (5) a Jester like BG (who is most likely a Ripple insider) is there to feed 'Hope', like it or not. I believe Fact is preferred above Fiction by most people and the XRP Community is therefore no exception Ripple! The amount of respect and support a company/product deserves should be based on integrity, results, etc. It has to be earned!, and that's what I expect/want from a relationship with XRP! I BELIEVE XRP HAS GREAT POTENTIAL BUT RIPPLE LABS HAS TO BRING SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL TO THE TABLE THAT WOULD INCREASE THE XRP PRICE SUBSTANTIALLY IN THE SHORT TERM, TO MAINTAIN MOMENTUM AND TO RETAIN SUFFICIENT SUPPORT. PREDICTIONS/'PROMISES' ALONE IS NOT GOING TO DO IT! I'll appreciate if one or more of the YouTube Channels can shine more light, specifically on the Ripple Labs and R3 +-5 Billion XRP business relationship/partnership. THANK YOU!

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