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SWIFT – Ripple – Temenos Integration Hints

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I walk through a couple of videos from SWIFT related to GPI and hopefully help you all understand the changes that are coming, and what shape the integration between SWIFT and Ripplenet may take. There are still plenty of unknown specifics and details, but I think we’re getting a pretty solid picture of what’s on the way.

Daily XRP News


  1. A great work you have done for the community, thank you again Sam. Waiting for what is coming on 5th Nov? What an exciting year end to look forward to!

  2. November 5th: Second day:

    AFP Panel 2: Taking Advantage of New Technologies in Payments Strategy
    When: Tuesday, November 6th | 10:30 to 11:45 AM
    Where: Payments Room W185ABCD

    The changing payments landscape has given rise to phrases like real-time payments, distributed ledgers, and blockchain, bringing expectations of reduced fraud, lower transaction costs, increased speed, and a proliferation of transactional data. What does this mean for those in treasury? During this panel, participants will provide guidance on the key questions organizations should be asking themselves as they look to take advantage of new payment capabilities.

    Steve Bernstein, US and Global ACH Business Development Manager, J.P. Morgan
    Ryan Gaylor, Director of Corporate Payments, Ripple
    David Scola, Head of North America, SWIFT
    Kris Filipkowski, Deputy Treasurer, Marsh & McLennan
    Moderator: Elizabeth St-Onge, Partner, Oliver Wyman

  3. Sam, why would Temenos use xrp and not xlm? Isnt IBM already a major partner with TEMENOS and we know IBM and xlm are able to do similarly fast settlement?

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