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SWIFT's Superiority is a Smoke Screen

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The Ripple vs. Swift debate is laid bare for all to see. . .

Daily XRP News
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  1. keep up the good work sam. I watch all your vids. I watched some of your old vids again from last year and a lot of the content in them is still relevant today. people need to stay awake and hold the line.

  2. You are ill informed about SWIFT .It cost less than 10 cents per transaction . Most of the cost is bank's profit and banks are not likely to move away from very lucrative business . Even they change to Ripple the cost is not likely to move much lower , 5 cent saving is not going to make much difference to banks . Ripple was overconfident and did a lousy job of convincing banks for last 2 years . In meantime SWIFT developed gpi and increased their cross border payment share from 15% to over 55% in 2018 and it is expected to capture 85% by the end of 2019 . Now it is much harder to take away market from SWIFT. SWIFT is doing cross border payment of over $300 billion per day and increasing . SWIFT is already testing R3 blockchain with SWIFTgpi for settlement . Forget about rhetoric "taking over SWIFT". Employee of any organization come and go and you are making absurd assumption . Most people move when they get better pay as simple as that . If XRP was made for banks then why Ripple is so unsuccessful to convince them to use XRapid . There is no evidence that SWIFT is losing any business . In 2018 ,SWIFT increased business by 12% over 2017 and so far SWIFT has increased cross border payment traffic by 6 percent . You should be more worried by Ripple's comment like "taking over SWIFT" and "Flip the switch " or "Patent to increase the price of XRP" . Ripple is just dangling carrot in front of you and you all are chasing unreachable carrot . I think XRP army is getting desparate . Be objective .

  3. Nice work as ever! If time permits, can you please consider doing a video in the future to promote the use of XRP as 'the global standard' for micro payments for raising funds. I have seen disaster relief agencies and charities/NGO's globally desperately asking people for donations when in dire straights and it rarely gets much traction especially when sending money cross-borders. Sometimes the media gets involved and works with mobile phone service providers to allow regional text payments, but the world should have a way to send even .50 cents, to anywhere at any time. I sent a tweet out to Aseesh Birla asking his marketing team to get in touch with every major (registered) charity/disaster relief agency in the world last week. My twitter handle is Rraymond54321.

    We also have the wonderful achievements of Wietse Wind recently which can help in this endeavour. Let's not forget that the founder of micro-banking received the nobel peace prize two decades ago. All it really needs is for a recognised gifting/tipping QR code (with a good sound branding-for a payment confirmation), feel-good corporate image (backed by some celebrities maybe) with a link below it showing ways to purchase XRP and information about its other use cases. I think you have a lot of influence Sam- let's make this happen. Thanks in advance.

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