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TD Ameritrade’s 11 Million Customers To Trade Crypto And Eventually Ripple XRP

Daily XRP News

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I am not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only. You should not buy, sell, or invest in any asset based on what I say in these videos. You should know that investing carries extreme risks. You could lose your entire investment. This is not trading advice and I am in no way liable for any losses incurred.

Daily XRP News


  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  2. Anybody here on this channel heard of APL? I know Xrp is amazing but what if there’s more than transaction speeds and moving money around the world at the blink of an eye .. in heavenly invested in XRP and now I’m heavenly invested in APL .. you think it’s a scam cool don’t invest but back in the day a lot of people called bitcoin a scam ( and still do ) a lot of people called XRP the “worthless token” .. (But you still invested) just do some research on APL .. either you see the future .. or you don’t.. , have a blessed year everyone ! And yes they are on CMC Live Coin Watch .. it’s a sleeper right now.. Don’t sleep 💤💰

  3. Thanks for all the great information you always provide. You are a professional ! That's funny that you have to say : "this is not advice….this is for entertainment….". Some days ago I went to my bank BNP Paribas and when I talked about cryptocurrencies, employees did not even know what it was ! I am leaving in Paris, France !

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