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Tether’s Downfall Would Lead To Digital Asset Value Growth.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Tether looks more like an arcade token;

    Valuation Risk: Tethers are backed 100% by Tether’s Reserves. Those Reserves are not insured and could be subject to unexpected diminution in value or to governmental and regulatory freezes and seizure. This may result in delays and other barriers to redemption and sale. Tether Tokens are not a fiat currency and are not issued, backed, or guaranteed by any government. As with all investments, there is a risk of loss in owning Tether Tokens. Token holders should be aware of these risks at all times.

  2. I would guess they printed tether.. and were trading it off for of digital assets.. print free tether.. put on exchange.. a trader buys into tether..
    You use that gain to buy into another asset… youll probably find they are screwed now because of the bear market

  3. So its March 14th. WTF is going on with SBI?? Or is this just another hyped out event that just blows over as we move onto the next hype fair tail promise?

  4. There is other stable coins Alex as well. My feeling is these are people who would rather risk there wealth in tether than their countries failing currency and not deal with the volatility that most digital crypto has.

  5. If Tether blows up so does every exchange that holds significant holdings. So, read that to mean every major exchange could go down! If an exchange has 500 million Tether on hand and it starts to devalue because everyone is swapping it out for Bitcoin….GAME OVER! You'll not be able to WITHDRAW that Bitcoin and your account will be frozen.

  6. The share of USDT in BTC trading has been growing steadily, setting a record on Monday at over 81% of all trades……If Tether goes belly up …BTC will tank and bring your beloved XRP with it… or is XRP de-coupling? lol

  7. delete this why would you want to get the government involved smh that is not the point of crypto the people hold the power , we are trying to get the power back in the peoples hands to better our lives, live them out of it so what for mass adoption, mass adoption will bring people in control that will ruin shit

  8. they might hsve had 5 or 10b in reserve before hand, but market cap only shown 6m becsuse its all people put into it… i dont think it started out with how much $ in the bank is backed. but how much in crypto circulation if that.makes sense.

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