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The 7 Important Rules of Investing In Crypto!

Daily XRP News

I get a lot of the same questions in the comments section of my videos. All of those top questions are answered in this video. This is a great reminder for people already in the market and is a great primer for people who are looking to get in. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, it will certainly set you on the right path headed toward potential success.

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Any views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research and seek financial advice from a professional before making any financial investment.

Daily XRP News


  1. Dude u have a good head on ur shoulders. I totally agree with ya. Take time out it will be there tomorrow. And u will always have haters. Who needs them thoes are the ones that will be saying man I wish I invested more. As we are set for life. Peace my friend.

  2. Thanks fhe summary. I clicked the like button because you summarised in 13 mins what took a year to learn…..the hard way!. As my tax agent told me… matter how much you read and listen you just won't get it till you walk it and ride the rollacoaster yourself….her words were to write off the losses and the lessons learnt as the unavoidable apprenticeship.

    As for those that disliked it, well you simply told them what they don't want to hear for the very reasons you summarised in this earlier points of the vid. Thankyou DM for all your effort.

    BTW. I also realised a while ago that XRP is a bit like waiting for a lottery win so will move some money to my other 6 coins when they drop down a little later on to offset some losses. XRP is unfortunately/fortunately too stable to short/extract 'regular' 10% gains from.

    I can't really see XRP getting much over $5 – $10 either…as per one of you later vids. Once it gets there most people will bail so i don't think it can go up after that. I am starting to believe that Ripple intended to use blockchain to topple Swift. XRP simply was used to get world awareness to Ripple by plugging their name as close as possible to Bitcoin…. I think it workd.

    Unless XRAPID will never be altered to accept other currencies… (if it can't already) then XRP has already achieved its intended outcome, and us retail investors paid the promotional bills.

    I intend to leave around 4k units of XRP in the bank just incase I have it really wrong and all the other Youtubers thay I know annoy you have it right….but iI belive more realistic gains to the tune of 20 to 50% PA are more achievable shorting coins like ADA. MiOTA, NXS and TRX…and the like.

    Thankyou for bring the voice if reason in the crazy world of XRP. I am not leaving Crypto but have realised that XRP was not built with any real intention to make retail investors rich. It was built to serve Rippple and it doesn't really need to get to any great dollar value to do that.

    Thamks DM for your vids….cheers

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