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The Clock Is Ticking XRP! When’s Final Call Before Moon?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. There is no arguing the point, XRP has a use case and a solid team working with partners that set the world stage in the economic arena. XRP will be the undisputed champion of the crypto world in 2019

  2. Wait until the stock market implodes. Money will be pouring into the Cryptocurrency market by the billions if not trillions. Anyone with a brain can see XRP has mass potential for humanity and expansion into many aspects of mankind. This coin can lead us to absolute freedom from global and governmental control. Free trade markets, destruction of the greedy big banks, destruction of the central banks, destruction of the federal reserve, and destruction of governmental entities. My thoughts have been very high for this coin! The future of human society is dependent on this decentralized technology this coin offers to the world! #xrpthestandard #xrppossibilities #futurelooksbright

  3. The 589 is not a price prediction. It's Gematria as you have correctly mentioned elsewhere. Yes, XRP will hit $5.89 and $589 and most likely $5890 over the next decade based upon the Worlds need to Tokenise Assets. The thing with XRP is that for the most part the Public are not being told what the XRP Plans are in plain English. Once again, it's these darn secret societies making their plans 🙂 If you check back on the History of the Fugger family, they ran a Copper Monopoly and Banking Monopoly in Europe for hundreds of years. So knowing that, and seeing XRP going to #2, we can only highly suspect that the Fuggers are planning to have a "Crypto-Currency Monopoly" based on their previous form. As you point out, simply that XRP is unweathered by the storm this week is good news. I have access to future Events and can only suggest you take another look at Ripple Riddler Clock Video's and see what you can make of them. Are you brave enough to try to ride on a Beast through the Apocalypse? or do we want to walk along in a migrant caravan? It's our choice.

  4. It's .50 cause there's a gazillion. Why do people compare bitcoins price. Or ethereum?? Wtf are you talking about. You better personally learn some math. Xrp is almost the same price as Ethereum but there's way more supply. If xrp was 2.50 it would be the same as bitcoin and would have an equal market cap. I'm not saying it can't get to the prices your talking about but saying it will or its undervalued because of Eth or btc price per coin is misleading and misinformation.

  5. Yes it's unreasonable to think it's going to 100. Your logic is flawed. Yea its entertainment alright. Do you do diligence and learn about market cap and supply. It has the same market cap as ethereum.

  6. Xrp moonboi channels are always dumb as hell but wow…this is seriously just a random noob babbling in his car wearing shades. 589 bro! Fuckin clowns. I'm embarassed that I own xrp because of all the fools talking about 1000x increases

  7. The requirement is a gentle climb for stability , but YES we will be NUMERO UNO , and that we have been climbing at the weekend is amazing , hold on to your seats though gang it may not be a gentle climb it may just MOON SHOT . Joshie love your stuff man , the numerology vid is far out keep it coming please .

  8. Circulating supply of the 3 coins your talking about.
    Bitcoin , 18 million
    Ethereum, 100 million
    40 BILLION XRP Coins
    Thats why it will have a hard time reaching lets say $ 5.00 a coin.

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