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Daily XRP News
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  1. As it stands, Bitcoin’s price has fallen more than $10,000 since Jan. 8. After Bitcoin broke its 2017 record high in December 2020, the asset continued upward in parabolic fashion, finding itself worth more than double its one-time high of $19,892 less than two months later. Bitcoin nearly reached $42,000 on Jan. 8 before beginning its recent descent, holding a value near $32,700 at time of publication. From its all-time high near $42,000, down to its recent low, Bitcoin has already corrected approximately 28% in price. Bitcoin is up close to 10% on the week, trading at $36,099 as of now. With new investments now open, the six-month lock-up period begins afresh. Some analysts have alleged that when this period draws to a close, the Bitcoin spot market is driven higher. Now most of us as traders are already used to seeing bitcoin fluctuating but not the newbies. They tend to see it as a sign to stop and wait not knowing that while you wait others are making the best of their time trading. Most people deem themselves trade experts but i see myself as an opportunist, I take what is given no matter the cost. Which is the reason why i have come this far in my career as a bitcoin trader. I see risks as shortcuts to achieving one's goal. Like i said i am no expert of trading bitcoin but i can make a recommendation. A well known crypto expert in the UK Mr Richard baker is showing traders how to make up to 70% in profits from trading with signals. He is a friend and a good man, he is someone i picture myself becoming in the future. He was the one that taught me all i know now, his predictions are accurate as his signals are. And i don't know how he does it but he always finds a way to outsmart the market each time it goes bearish. i hold more than 50btc in my wallet and i got that in two years of active trading. Now that bitcoin is going higher i can't phantom the cash i will be making. Mr Richard's signals and strategy are used by most self proclaimed experts in the space. It would be great for you if you would reach out to him on either his What-app @+447482862366 or via his Tele-gram @Richardtrading. And Beware of people impersonating him so as not to get in touch with the wrong person. Just send a text to this details above. and Good luck.

  2. Actually Alex I use binanceUS. I started with Gdax then coinbase then went to Bittrex and then binanceUS. When people come to me to buy XRP I tell them to use binanceUS. It's way cheaper then coinbase and you can set buys for what price you want it at. Can't do that with coinbase. If it drops while you are asleep then with binanceUS you can get those buys

  3. From bottom to the top of the last bullrun was $0.005 to $3.84 (76,700%).. If this repeats exactly from our new bottom as far as we know, that'll be $0.11 to $84.48 (76,700%)..

    So there ya' go! Not super realistic yet not too out-landish either. Just something to think about 😌👌 Good Luck ya'll!

  4. The only People making money in the crypto market I do Youtubers because they could say whatever they want and they still get fuse and they still get paid for those views. You could be right you could be wrong with you all day and still get paid stop telling people what to do and start sharing the money you make with us

  5. Its great to have experts in here updating us on the market structure on a regular basis. Although It's no secret to anyone that xrp is currently hanging on the edge, and most of its holders are confused on what to about it due to its steady decline. Although holding xrp isn't a bad idea, I am an xrp holder and still is, i believe with time xrp would get more bullish but for now we have to take advantage of the current market bulls. Holding alone isn't just enough, i have being more keen lately on learning the ropes of trading from Sebastian. Learning from him as been really productive, with his experience and guide i have being able to understand how best to use signals and strategies from signal providers. If i were to choose, i would choose sebastian's signal service over and over again. Sebastian's service can be reached (crypto related concerns) on telgram (@sebastianbryan) and watsap (+447782861037). Lets capitalise on what's in front of us, while we hope for a better tomorrow

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