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Daily XRP News
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  1. Debunked by the Bull that just slayed the bears. Great agressively more than average content. Thank you fud killa 🙏 from Da One @XRPSupreme

  2. Ripple Will distrubute wheallthy trought investors because hás been sued by an investors who claim Ripple is selling XRP illigally and not bringing value to the Xrp It self instead investing in others stuffs.

  3. They do not get together and talk about generational wealth, they invest in hopes of making a slight return. Even other crypto communities do not do this, they do not see a big picture, they want quick returns on their fun money; this is a game to them. The other communities see this almost like you would sports teams, "my team beat your team in the playoffs this alt season, your coin is shit!" But the xrp community is based entirely around facts, partnerships and logic; among other things. The price today or even tomorrow does not matter; the price in 5-10-15 years is where we will make our money. We might take some profits along the way but this isn't how the other teams are playing, time in the market beats timing the market; buy when the streets are bloody… i advice you multiply the little you have with Joseph’s strategy, i was able to make 7btc with 1.5btc in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on Josehill293@gmail. com or telegram @Josehill293 or; WhatsApp+1(941)363-1471 and I am quite certain he will be willing to assist you in all crypto-related matters **

  4. All i got to say is my damn paycheck falls on the wrong week. However, no matter what i dump the dollars every other week for XRP.
    Freedom is calling my name!

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