The FCA Regulatory Agency Categorizes XRP as Utility Token and Not a Security.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi all (Including the troll's, lol). Just think of were the crypto space was even a few years ago and were it is now. And it seems like more good news is out daily. Things are definitely speeding up. Regulations will end manipulation, at least for the most part. Then we'll see real utility and growth. Enjoy the ride all, it's going to be amazing.

  2. Can you reference where FCA explicitly talk about XRP? Please don't give own interpretations of you or Ripple or other "experts". They say they have similarities. They didn't say anything official/closing.

  3. Alex you say "guys" too much. What about the "girls"
    You live in leftist fruitloop utopia (California) you should be more political correct- Google may demonitize your channel if don't conform with their leftist political agenda.

  4. yes the uk regularity has said xrp is a token and not a security…uk has the regulations in place.unlike the usa which are moving slowly.thats why most business are moving to other country's for regulation clarity.if you dont want to lose customers then you need to clarify regulations.

  5. Ok so XRP is considered a utility token. Does this have any influence on how XRP gains will be taxed? If this info is in the video pardon me, had to leave for an appointment.

  6. I give up and have just sold the few thousand coins I had in my holdings. XRP's heading for the next support at 28c before it bounces back up again to perhaps 32c. It will bounce off 28c for the next 5 weeks or so, then it's a long way down to 25c. By that point even the biggest bag holders are going to start throwing in the towel as everything else continues to climb.
    Sorry guys but when good news and sentiment continually has no impact on price whatsoever, and a huge supply which only needs to be held for a few seconds to complete a transaction, there is no way that demand on the supply is ever going to push this baby back up either.

    Ripple could prevent that by burning the remaining tokens in smart contracts, but of course they wont do that because the price of XRP doesn't factor into their business model as long as it stays on the right side of three or four cents.

    Ripple's software is designed to bolster the financial sector the rest of the crypto space is looking to dethrone. Don't say you haven't been warned, brand it as FUD if you like. I have been day trading in crypto for 5 years, and commodities since the financial crisis. XRP is good for financial institutions, good for Ripple's software, but is not good for speculative investment.

    The price will eventually stop falling and will then level out, as I say probably likely around 5 cents or so until Ripple get somewhere close to the ending of the last smart contract releases, but you're talking a decade before that happens, which is a lot of money to miss out on when crypto as a whole is expanding exponentially.

    XRP needs to have exchanges with traders dealing in the token for ripplenet to work properly. When it ends up with few traders dealing in it then Ripple are going to have problems, because of course all of the speculative investors, ie bag holders will not be willing to part with them on an exchange anyway.

    Everyone should always diversify their portfolio so there will always be people who hold XRP just in case moon, but I would start to place less of a focus on XRP if I were you Alex because we all want everyone else to be successful, and I can't see this particular direction you've taken as being the most profitable for you. You're too young to remember when Myspace was the main social network, literally everyone was all over it and we couldn't imagine our lives without our social page which we could edit our own layouts, music, pictures, videos. Then, in the space of a couple of years it was dead. I see this as where XRP is now for speculative investors. Ripple will be successful for as long as there is a requirement for their software, but that does not require a high value for XRP, it simply needs to maintain the liquidity it already has in abundance.

    The internet of Value is crypto. Ripple are selling that to financial institutes in the form of software. That software neither requires XRP, or indeed has any limitations with the amount of XRP already in circulation. Peace.

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