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The Fix Is In! Get Your XRP Horse Into the Starting Gate!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. If you were only counting on the 'speculative market' for the price of XRP to go up you may be right DM. However it is 'utility' (not traditional market speculation forces) that will really make the price of XRP go way up. Once utility kicks in the market manipulation, retail investor speculation, etc will mean nothing to XRP holders. Flip that switch ffs!

  2. It's Saturday stop please stop selling shit mate if you need a couple of $ please ask I would gladly give you what I could afford I'm pissed off with you tubers getting a few fans and thinking their a list celebs. Calm down your a bloke with a camera at home same as the rest Twitter is a joke. Maybe you have 20k following half so 10k are here for info like me doesn t give a fuck what you say just hoping for new news. A few k like you as do I. A few k don't give a shit your fan base is prob a few k if your lucky. Don't wanna piss on your parade but please promote news rather than talk absolute shite for 10 mins

  3. It is your lucky day, for it is I….. WTF is that sht. Give yourself a wrap buddy. Straight from that into shilling the ledger through your link which gives you money in your pocket. Lost me at that point

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