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*THE GREAT STOCK COLLAPSE* Ripple/XRP’s Liquidity Intervention? Trump Hack & Election Volatility

Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Y’all need to stop listening to guy and stop let him brain wash you about xrp. Ripple separated from xrp for a reason. All the hype ripple is getting es what should be given to Stella. Y’all need to see that the guy is brain washing you. Some of them are being paid to do this. Why do you think ripple separated from xrp? Wake up people, it’s a distraction. Stella will be used. Stella has no problem with regulation and all that ripple set to do is all that Stella can do. People talking about what’s the best cryptocurrency, it’s not about the best. Don’t get distracted. Not saying xrp doesn’t have its place, but Stella is going to be bigger than xrp. This guy is an idiot. He never ever speak in the comment section. Guys. Please have more XLM and xdc than xrp. They are using xrp as a distraction. Ripple have their way of solving banks issue without using xrp. The system will never want to use this technology to make billionaires. They know what’s going on and it’s all a plan. Stop letting this brainwashed guy fool you. Damn stupid. Don’t you realize that it only ripple coming over the news begging for clarity. Everyone else is humbled. They are having so many issues and people from their company being arrested and they are having legal issues. Y’all need to not invest all in on this thing. Ask yourself, why did they separated from xrp?

  2. I got a second Ledger today as well Bull!!!!!!!! Have assets split between the 2 ledgers, will move everything to 1 ledger before Spark snapshot

  3. We need a new coin in its infancy with a new idea…and we got it. if you are interested in a beta phase 2 test for a new crypto. Check out Pi Network and use my code for a personal invite to get in early. Jegrwh. Phase 3 monitizes, so get in now. Hope to see tou over there.

  4. People thought I was crazy for holding all crypto, no stocks.
    I am looking at Bearable Bull thinking, he is crazy, holding mostly XRP…. I can't quite believe it yet

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