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The Greatest Opportunity of Our Lifetime

Daily XRP News

A transformation equivalent to the impact of the printing press and the internet is currently underway. Ripple is the company at the epicenter of this paradigm shift. Do yourself a favor and start learning about the changes underway. Your financial freedom depends on it.

Daily XRP News


  1. I wish I could keep track but this will be, at least 15, times watching this video alone. "Sam" I was early watcher of F.T.L and the concept of the Free state project moved me spiritually so much.
    The only thing that stopped me from moving to NH is well it's on the coast. And I own joel skousen's strategic relocation so I told my self the coast (east and west) would be a death sentence for me (i was like 18 at the time lol. It's amazing how the universe/frequency of energy moves so fluid. My rant is to say I believe because I will no longer ignore the signs of the universe. If u believe in "coincidence " then I would argue ur just not on the vibrational frequency I have put out. There is so much left to uncover in energy fields

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do these videos I'm a guy that's been doing remodeling for most of my life I don't have a ton of money I do have a family I'm trying to feed keep a roof over our heads and I heard of this from a friend of mine and now I'm into it and I'm trying to learn everything I can I try to buy more every job I do but again thanks for the info and the knowledge

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