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The IMF Will Save us All with Negative Interest Rates! (i.e. Bail-In)

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The IMF and the Central Banks have a new strategy for Bail-In.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi Sam. I'm assuming negative interest stategy is a bad thing. How likely its going to happen? and if very likely, will bank offer 0 interest for keeping $ in the bank. Thank you.

  2. Omfg the irony.. I can’t get by the first line of reasoning without stopping you. By creating a big causal chain you made it appear as though you understood economics sadly the last link made zero sense. 0% is the rate a central bank lends to other banks. That rate encourages banks to loan out money at a lower rate passing the savings into the consumer of a credit economy. Now I’m not saying the economy is set up to win… just that you filtered this into what you wanted it to mean in your head. It’s not interested gained on your savings investment, it’s interest paid on your loans. This allowing people to borrow more money and boost the credit economy.

    I god damn hate samiam. I turn him on once a month for anticipated comedic value and just always end up annoyed a few minutes in these days.

    You don’t think the central banks will bail in again? Oh really? I guess you changed your tune on that because a few months ago you pontificating your conspiracy theories saying you weren’t going to wait around for them to do it again.

    An utter joke, I’m ecstatic you followers have stopped climbing.. faith in humanity has been restored

  3. Hi to the life boats, , I am asking this question to my top 5 channels that I follow. I want to see what the answers are that I get. My question is and it's not been mentioned yet on any channels but it will start appearing in coming months after the hype of getting back into bull territory.

    We are tokenizing everything from companies, stocks, houses, cars, people so my question is what happens to the crypto market when the world debt is added and it will be added make no mistake about it. So when the debt is added will the price be diluted into the market.

    As far as I can see nothing had changed at all. Only thing that has changed is that we have given away total control of our information for a digital signature that will be used everywhere you go. Digital asset = digital signature = date, time, location, video evidence if your in a built up area.
    Encrypted nothing is what is coming, centralised everything is coming and mass control of the sheeple is coming. One push off a button and your digital assets are turned off. Interesting way if thinking I have I guess.

  4. Sam, I just watched a Richard Heart vid where he makes some valid points about XRP. You two should schedule a conversation bc he's extremely technical as far as code and game theory and you are really technical as far as piecing together news and advancements. The people he speaks with don't seem to have quite the amount of knowledge that you do so it would be amazing to see both of you discuss!

  5. I am reading a book " The road to ruin" by James Rickards. Very interesting and disturbing at the same time. It explains everything we should know and prepare for.

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