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The Phoenix Rises – Ripple XRP to Replace the SDR?

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Putin Objections to Dollar as Reserve Currency:

IMF Chief on Digital Disruption:

Chicago Economics Society IMF Discussion:

World Debt Clock:

Daily XRP News


  1. I just tried to send your Charity a donation but I don't know what tag to use??? I don't have to tag to transfer to my ledger so I am not sure how to do it.

  2. Your cherry picking video clips then putting words in their mouths (misinterpreting) is not journalism, it is propoganda. Why does the fact that XRP was pre-mined in excess of 70 percent not bother the tribe of XRP maximalists?? If the banking system is the problem then why would the xrp tribe not see a problem with banks adopting xrp. XRP is not a solution, it is a way to get control of a global economy with a global currency. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Thank you Sam, very thorough analysis of what is going on in world wide finance. I use the term world wide as opposed to global as I'm a Flat Earther who believes that Jesus is the Sun Of God. So I'm a Pagan-Christian if you understand the symbiosis. When I speak my intentions directly to the Sun they are answered. Thank you again and please keep it up. We need you..only for great Entertainment of course.

  4. I think you're right that blockchain and XRP are part of the future, but you're wrong about quite a few things. XRP will not replace national currencies and SDR will have its role in the new financial system via substitution accounts to handle inter-country liabilities, this is how China will solve its currently unsolvable US receivable problem. Lagarde is not stumbling at all, she's trying not to disclose too much as there's a plan in motion! XRP has not caught anyone who matters off guard, blockchain is been developed with the help of and controlled by global interest, it doesn't originate from a garage start-up really. Central banks have spent trillions to lubricate the stock markets for years, the lousy blockchain market, by comparison, is a lunch time afterthought. Blockchain is the tool that will be used to impose Chinese-style social credits type control globally, with more direct control, centralization and loss of privacy, just like all other technologies, when they reach maturity, it wasn't that long ago when most people thought the Internet would lead to freedom, how's that working out? We will continue to have the same result with new technologies until the underlying problem is resolved and the underlying problem is political. You cannot solve a political problem with a financial product, we have a political system that has no integrity and within it a government system that lacks integrity. Within the governance system we have a financial system that has no integrity and we have added on IT systems without integrity. To think that you can deploy a new digital technology and use it to introduce a financial product to solve the integrity problem of our society is naive, today's enforcers enforce with force and that force is not digital, but very analogue!

  5. You can pump up XRP all you want and I'm not arguing anyones speculation. Regardless XRP or any other Crypto aint moving unless BTC moves first. Bottom line.

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