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The Return of Bearable Guy and Other Interesting Things Happening

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LiveStream to discuss events of the last few days.

Daily XRP News


  1. Sam, did you see the YouTube video released by wander godinho about a week ago? He points out the ripple riddlers bottom price prediction at 3149 for bitcoin in that green coding screen. Makes you wonder what else is in there.

  2. Sam you do an amazing job. But your inferences from seemingly inside info is in my opinion getting stretched. A queen on a board to a Queen album to a song…In only seven days. What? There is a song called, 'Fat bottomed girls' is there some underlying message there?

  3. I would suggest with the return of Nakamoto, bearable guy and the decoder in the space of a day that they are either the same person or accts have been hacked…didn't realise BG was not a native English speaker.

  4. Your Upload connection sucks Sam and is not fast enough to handle live streams. I am sorry. Go back to your regular videos. The choppy video is on another level. I feel like I'm back in 2001. Also that's not the real bearableguy123 YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED! WAKE UP, THIS IS GETTING SAD!

  5. The reason i think that the bearableguy is an insider is a simple deduction. Q is to Trump as BG is to Ripple/XRP. Same playbook guys. Its a way to bypass NDA agreements and political correctness to the fan base. Excellent concept.

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