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Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. of course it is going up and a lot higher before the spark drop…..once it hits on the 12th, then all the new money will sell off xrp and take there free spark tokens…. I know I know you won't get them on the 12th. they take a snapshot of the network on that day and distribute at a later date….. prepare for a rise and a very fast drop….

  2. I have been trying to make profits on Bitcoins since the beginning of last month, but I keep loosing so much money on Bitcoins, please I really need the assistance of a good cryptocurrency analyst to help me make profit on Bitcoins, can anyone please help me?

  3. I believed we’re going to have a pull back. Trust I want a run but the world elites know something is coming and big government has a agenda to pull off. Has to get worse before it gets better..

  4. No manipulation-check the ledger- no global reset yet – especially with no knowledge of who is actually USA president- no XRP at $1000 – if you only crunch some numbers it’s insane
    But $20 XRP hell yes thats 20 trillion a day if only 50% is moved only 200 times a day I moved a large amount today back to an exchange in under a minute and diversified into 12 alts as I am up massive since I did this In July
    Nothing really big happening with XRP this year until after Spark drop surely .50cents is NOT parabolic lol 😂
    Lastly if a bank had bought just $50 million $ of XRP at .20 which could have happened how much would that asset be worth at at $1000
    Answer 6YEARS Total annual JPM PROFITS LOL
    not going to happen
    Just cause it can don’t make it so
    Answers with maths and facts please

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