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The Sky is Falling!

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Not true that this virus does not attack younger people. In China still a lot of young people are dying of this virus. Also if a person has got it that person does not get immunity as the virus continues staying in the body and if the person is weak again the virus will strike back again. Also this virus attacks not just lung, also heart, kidney, also men might become infertile. It also can ‘evolve’ to the next form and develop into the next generation as well.

  2. Personally I dont see this market correction as "kicking the can down the road".. I believe XRP is their answer for that.. That will give them the liquidity they need for another 10 years.. The markets are in a healthy bull market that NEEDS to 'correct' once in a whiles.. Thwy need to bank some profits and buy up some cheap stocks.. They also need to 'sector rotate'.. Money will flow straight back into stocks and perhaps even now into the cryptosphere.. I'm XRP-HODL 100%.. But there is a big possibility we will see. 06700cent before this is over.. But.. Here is cheap.. Dirt cheap.. In the long run..

    Keep up the info flow Sam.. 👍

  3. I'm a Chinese and I live in China. Since we pretty much defeated the CV so all you need to do is just to follow our procedure. Don't go out, fill your fridge with food, wear a mask, wash you hand, watch Sam's video and buy XRP. Do all that you'll be safe.

  4. If xrp frees up money that the banks no longer have to hold or spend to transfer currencies how would that impact the price of xrp? The money released from the banks will not necessarily be pumped into ripple or xrp. Surely just of speculation since the $3+ pump it would of rose again with all the new partners made. It’s still tied to bitcoins price movement and I want to know how it’s will separate?

  5. @ToTheLifeboats / @SamIAm couldn't CBs use a (Codius) smart contract to do the repeated checking if balance is there etc still on the XRPL? I thought this was exactly the sort of application for this Smart Contract platform being included..

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