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The Truth about XRP & 3 of its customers Cuallix, Mercury FX, Catalyst Corporate Credit Union

Daily XRP News

The truth is, Ripple has more than 200 customers and more than 8 are using the XRP digital Asset.
Here are testimonials by Mercury FX and Catalyst Corporate Credit Union.

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Ehime Prefecture SHODO Calligraphy Competition

Daily XRP News


  1. Monkeys? Banks are better using a USD-stable coin to transfer USD fiat (fact). If XRP is 10 cents or $1, banks can still transfer $1M regardless of its price. What HODLers hold, only HODLers hold – banks will not buy your XRP from exchanges, it's yours forever, they don't need it. XRP is a US-created currency (how does that differ from USD?) – try and sell that as a world currency to China, India, Russia (good luck!). XRP created Ripple for free, sold it to you for money so they could build a company you have no shares in.

  2. Eri, huge xrp private transactions have been going on that are not appearing on the public ledger. This does not bode well for retail investors… at the very least, retail investors could be waiting a very long time to see any significant price increase in xrp. Did you see "To The Lifeboats" latest video on this? What are your thoughts on the matter?

  3. Electroneum can already do instant cross boarder transaction and everyone seems to have missed it !!!

    Heres a video where they show a live test of electroneum transferring around $60,000 in under 2secs with just a 1cent fee across the world and the best part is it was all conducted mobile to mobile. XRP just has no idea of this darkhorse thats going to explode ! Infact Electroneum has more users wallets than XRP !!!!

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