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*THE WORLD IS TAKING NOTICE* Ripple/XRP: The Bretton Woods 2.0 Global Financial RESET Is Upon Us

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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  2. My conclusion on CBDC’s . . . if they are ever issued, will have tons of qualifications on
    them effectively restricting their use to governments and certain institutions. The drive for these things is
    very convenient for the central bankers, indeed. We know they want to get rid of cash. We know this will give
    many central banks the leverage to implement a surveillance banking system from which there is no escape
    from negative interest rates, or the payment of your taxes, or fines, or whatever. Negative interest rates for
    all intents just means they will charge you for storing your cash balances instead of paying you interest.
    They also believe, correctly, that CBDC’s would be an effective defense against the emergence of competition
    from cryptocurrencies. Hang on. I didn’t say they would be sounder or better. I said most people would
    prefer them. That shouldn’t surprise you. After all, in essence, a central bank deposit is 100% guaranteed.
    While the thought of the benefits of the CBDC is clearly dreamy for the central bankers, it is a nightmare for
    the private and commercial banking system. The concept threatens the existence of commercial banks.

  3. Becareful crypto holders. I received an email that looked like it was from ledger Telling me that they had had a security breach and I needed to follow the link to change my pin and when I went and clicked the link it looked just like ledger. Com but I knew it wasn’t.

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