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The XRP Army is the Most informed, David Schwartz on Liquidity Pools, Central Banks Switzerland

Daily XRP News

Settlement Through Digital Assets (XRP)
This arrangement allows for the transacting banks to
settle payments using XRP as a digital asset. XRP’s reach
into exotic corridors and average daily trading volume
higher than most exotic currencies, makes it an ideal
bridge asset for settling transactions between banks.
In this arrangement, each bank holds XRP as a fungible
liquidity pool that can be used for payments within a
number of exotic corridors without the need to hold
nostro accounts in those currencies. With XRP eliminating
the need for banks to have nostro accounts or foreign
currency exposure, this arrangement is ideal to be used
for exotic corridors.

To the LifeBoats (Sam)

Investments Perspectives with Brad, Mrs. Back up, Lee from SPQR, Micky B Fresh, and Curt from Love For Crypto.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes.. Tone Vays is NOT the brightest bulb on the xmas tree. He's pro BTC because that's what he holds, he doesn't have the foresight to diversify.. this is the product of a narrow mind.

  2. Thank you Eri. Talking sense as always. What are your thoughts on the recent post from swift on GPI testing in Europe.? Best wishes X ()

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