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They’re Trying To Delay A $10 Ripple/XRP & The Global Financial Crisis Through Corruption & QE

Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. lmfao… corrupted returns…. seems to be a pattern … like these like/dislikes on these vids… coerced returns that mean absolutely nothing but a fake message to a program…. kettle calling the teapot black… if there's a buck on the table then there is likely cheat nearby…. carry on… good traders will survive anything while followers will be victim ( sometimes victors ) of the leaders guise…

  2. QE simply means the govannahs r buying up the stock market on behalf of " we the people " who vote them into office.. .as usual " we the people " are the most burdened when the real crash eventually over rides the b/s… this time could be different if eSDR ( as per Digital Nomad Investor ) stuff comes into play and ends up promoting crypto while the fiat system takes a back seat… remains to be seen how it will play out… hypocrisy is the flip side of over criticizing stuff …both render phony returns sort of like the " hit the like button " crap… carry on… constructive criticism is the balance and demands fair assessment

  3. So what happens when Iran or Russia sends over an aggressively average Nuke to your door step, will you be excited they used XRP to help kill off everything on the planet just so you could make a buck? You better hope every country steps up to avoid such a catastrophy, including ripple..

  4. China owned by the government, Russia dictatorship, North Korea dictatorships so what are you talking about? China owns btc do you really think the US will invest in btc on a large scale? Our president breaks the law and the rich has been doing it since the birth of America so you really think it will change. This is very uneducated and just trying to get them views on YouTube. Just like Btc will hit 1 million dollars when it can barely hold 10k.

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