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Through Ripple alone, there is skin-in-the-game with $890 million in XRP sales

Daily XRP News

Research: Ripple has sold $890 million of XRP, 34% to exchanges
APRIL 25, 2019, According to research, Ripple has cumulatively sold $890 million of XRP out of which 34.4% was sold to the exchanges and 65.6% was sold to the institutions.

SBI VC Trade profits $3 Million with a Soft Launch. Yoshitaka Kitao doesn’t get on a loosing horse.

NYSE Owner Buys Crypto Custodian in Latest Push to Offer Bitcoin

Of those customers, JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS and Euro Exim Bank announced that they will leverage XRP to source liquidity on-demand.

The crypto market in Taiwan is still nascent. Blockchain transaction database Elementus’ data show that Taiwan so far has contributed approximately 0.06% to global ICO fundraising activity. However, signs show that the crypto fever is beginning to catch on. New crypto account openings surged in Taiwan in late 2017 when Bitcoin prices skyrocketed.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Quite annoyed as I sat on my XRP for a very long time and finally caved with a big trade to move back to my XRP bag and the market crashed which means sitting below my original XRP total and don't want to lose but waiting on which one moves first to get back to XRP is getting rather stressful :-()… This space likes teaching lessons the moment you think you have the price movements figured out… the manipulation (theft) is rather unpredictable.. Anyway – hopefully get things sorted in the next week before bigger movements – although do feel that July is XRP time.

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