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Tick Tock Tick Tock It’s all about the Clock

Daily XRP News

A breakdown of the Latest Ripple Riddler’s Puzzles as they detail a timeline for significant events in October and November.

Daily XRP News


  1. Hi, great great effort, simply you are a wonderful motivator to keeping us gnawing on the bone og hope.
    ? for livestream….How will ripple use xrp and divvy up share to the 200 countries of the world so that they won't be caught chasing like they have done for 50 years behind the usd? If the IMF share it out to the countries….well that's another noose around the necks of the third and fourth world, so any thoughts? I am looking forward to the livestream but doubt I can make it live, but I'll try. Your presentation is excellent….you should continue in the future,people will be scrambling for info who miss this, as we enter this new world of emailing money!

  2. Hi, you really opened up some good facts with ckj ! Do you think as bakked comes out 12/12 and they are 'backed' by the powers….Wouldn't they want to run this thing up bigtime, beforehand?
    As you said, and demonstrate a hot commodity and sell to the 'salivating public who want to get in? They'll never sell at these prices, there's not enough 'juice for their greedy coffers?'…I am waiting for your next video guy, your 'breakdown's of clues are something to behold!!! Kudos!!

  3. Please forgive my ignorance but, why are all the currencies bouncing when Bitcoin goes up and down. A Genuine business should not depend on another for the price to bounce around.

  4. Hi, absolutely great information and 'you are brilliant in research and delivering narrative", that's why intelligent people have so much faith in you. The significant number of dimwits that cling onto you remind me of 'the scorpion and the frog'. They exude the mentality of 'lottery winners you warned about' I applaud you for what you have accomplished and your work connected so many dots….I have tried to communicate this opportunity and your work to people but…..I know many will miss the boat, and be clutching at very expensive life savers waaaay behind. Kudos and keep on keeping on! Buy you a beer in the caymans one day if you ever pass thru here!!

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