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Time For Ripple XRP Base Trading Pair @cz_Binance

Daily XRP News

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I am not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only. You should not buy, sell, or invest in any asset based on what I say in these videos. You should know that investing carries extreme risks. You could lose your entire investment. This is not trading advice and I am in no way liable for any losses incurred.

Daily XRP News


  1. You are my favorite crypto youtuber by far. I also live in Atlanta (Buckhead). Two questions:

    I notices Omni is bases on the Bitcoin platform – do you happen to know how they will be incorporating XRP?

    Whar is your opinion on VeChain – do you recommend VET as a buy?

    Do you recommend any other projects besides XRP?
    I'm currently 90% invested in XRP and that won't change but I want to diversify my portfolio a little to adhere to good investment practices.

    You are a wizard in my book and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue with your vids – they are my crypto oxegen and I need to keep breathing!

  2. Ripple is slowly guiding that particular market in the direction of XRP…it was part of their game plan all along….XRP was designed specifically to be primarily used as a bridging currency between any two currencies. The ultimate aim of XRP by Ripple is to position XRP as the world's first digital global reserve currency.But right now in the crypto market, Excuse me to say Xrp is not going to skyrocket like before but will have a gradual but very effective trend more than 20K, also lot of people got into crypto because of speculation, and I won’t lie I was among those who joined the trade community because of speculative comments I saw on the internet and to be sincere I have been losing lost of money since last December day trading and also holding both shit coins and valuable assets also, but everything changed when I wads scrolling my YouTube videos, I came across a channel where high recommendations and accolades where given to Mr. Boyd Riddle for his good trade guidance and strategy on how to trade, someone said he makes more than 6.5 Btc weekly with just 1 btc placed on trading daily, I was filled with disbelief but I contact him on and behold my first day trading, I was able to make more than what I have lost in crypto, over 5 Btc in seven days now, if you are still losing a lot and you want help you can simply send him request and consultations on, and don’t forget to thank me later. .

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