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Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple and A Special Analysis of Ripple (XRP) Price

Daily XRP News

The crypto market was at its positive peak for a long time. As a result, the positive sentiments were also at their peak in the previous month. Still, it tends to maintain its good position. The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have been the major members of the market during this period. The bullish trends pushed the price of Bitcoin to above $12000. This created the price bubble and now the trend of Bitcoin has shifted from bullish to bearish. As usual, the Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the market with its dominance above 60%.

The following chart can help to understand the dominance level of Bitcoin in the crypto market (Picture credit: 

The chart shows 0.7% up in the Bitcoin dominance which has taken its resistance level to 62.5%. Despite falling by 2 points, the market response is still at the highest positive point. The same resistance can be expected for the next few weeks and even for a few months.

Important comparisons:

The following are described some important comparisons with the help of charts. These comparisons are made between cryptocurrencies and USD as well. By reading these comparisons, the near future trend of the market can be predicted rightly.

ETH/BTC Daily Chart:

The current trading price of the ETH/BTC pair is 0.0347. Moreover, the congestion support level was determined to be 0.035. The bullish trend line can be seen as moving to 0.029. It indicates the consolidation propagation of the market. The first, second, and third resistance levels above the current price can be seen to be 0.035, 0.0368, and 0.0372 respectively. These resistance levels predict the worthy beneficial predictions of the crypto market.

The first, second, and third support levels below the current price are 0.0332, 0.0316, and 0.0309 respectively. Support levels also show the bright future of the market.

The facts and figures mentioned above can be shown in the comparison chart given below. This is the latest comparison chart of ETHEREUM AND BITCOIN. You can see the persistent and upward market trend in the chart.

In the daily chart, the MACD line seems to move upward to the bearish trend. On the other hand, bulls in DMI in the daily chart are facing decline and waiting for their better time. Here is the daily comparison chart (Picture credit:

BTC/USD Daily Chart:

The BTC/USD pair is also a popular combination in the cryptocurrency market. 

This pair is trading for around $11500. The price congestion level to consolidate and overcome failure is at $12350. The first, second, and third resistance levels above the current price are $12350, 14000$, and $17200 respectively. The top three support levels below the current price are $11275, $10700, and $9875.

In the daily chart below, MACD indicates that the bears seem to enjoy the benefit, and bulls seem to have a slight downward trend in the market. The DMI is also in the favor of bears and against the bullish trend of the market. It shows that the bulls are losing the power and bearish dealers are getting stronger. The trend is likely to remain the same in the near future days. That is good news for bears but the bulls will have to wait for getting a better business opportunity. Their luck can work in the future but the bears are dominating and can persist in their position in the market.

The chart is given right below and the above-mentioned information can be seen graphically (Picture credit: 

ETH/USD Daily Chart:

Now we will discuss the ETH/USD pair in detail. The trading price for this pair is $410.17 and the price congestion level is at $440. This combination of prices is leading to resistance in the current trend.

The first resistance level is found at $440, the second at $460, and the third resistance level is at $485 above the current price in the daily comparison chart. The three support levels in the daily comparison chart below the current price are $385, $355, and $335 respectively.

The MACD in the chart does not seem to be too bearish at the point because the downward slope is increasing. This shows a less bearish trend in current market conditions. But DMI indicates that the bears are moving up and bulls are falling at high speed. Soon, there will be a clash between these two conditions of the market. But it can take some days to happen.

Following is the ETH/USD daily comparison chart (Picture credit: 

XRP/USD Daily Chart:

The XRP/USD chart is also much interesting and being appreciating in the crypto market. This pair is found to be trading at the price of $0.2925 and the price congestion resistance level remains at $0.32. It is favorable for all businessmen at this time and will continue to be the same in the near future.

The top three resistance levels above the current price in the daily chart are $0.30, $0.32, and $0.33 respectively. The three supporting levels in the daily chart below the current price are $0.29, $0.283, and $0.268 respectively.

The daily chart shows that after an upward cross-movement, the chart is coming in a downward direction. The line spacing is increasing because the averages are coming downward. It indicates the downward movement is now speeding up. The DMI in the daily chart indicates that bulls and bears trends will soon face a collision. This collision can raise the price volatility of XRP/USD.

The daily comparison chart is given below and you can observe all the above-mentioned data statistically (Picture credit: 

XRP short-term Price Analysis:

The price of XRP has been in its highest position though it closed at $0.32. It maintained its higher price position between $0.272 and $0.323 in August. Ripple seemed to face a hard time in the first week of the month because its price was about $0.2972. Observe the following chart for statistical information about Ripple for August.

(Picture credit: The chart indicates that Ripple had a downward trend in the first week of the month. It depreciated to the support level $0.272 and price tried to bounce back. It followed a bullish break and taken its price line to $0.326. Though Ripple is facing a sharp downward trend yet the support level at $0.292 is much stronger.

A reversal of the over-sold position can be expected within the next few days. It is indicated by the Relative Strength Index that it will create a better long term opportunity.

XRP 30-min bullish chart:

The 30-mint XRP chart is making an important indication about Ripple. A long position from the support level at $0.305 may be opened. The price is moving up due to pressure sustenance by 50-Moving Average but at the same point, the price can pull back.

(Picture credit:

Considering the current market condition in mind, the entry price level is to be placed at $0.307 and the loss can be kept at $0.304. The profits can be taken to $0.315 and 50-Moving Average still making a resistance overhead. This information is statistically represented in the above chart. You can get assistance from the chart to understand the mentioned facts and figures.


In the next few days, it may be seen that Ripples retraces its price to $0.324 once again. The 50-Moving average should be monitored to understand the retracement of the chart.

XRP long-term Price Analysis:

The end of July was good for XRP’s price as it gained a lot. But, at the start of August, the situation became the opposite. The price failure caused the breakage of key resistance. In the next few days, price caught strength and tried to reach near the resistance point.

From the 4-hour chart of XRP, the price was falling continuously at the start of the month. The trading price of XRP was in descending zone in the first week of August. But it is expected to rise as it breaks any time in the next few days. In this way, it will reach near the resistance point at $0.307.

In the coming weeks, the XRP may follow the bullish trend. It will take to its resistance at $0.320. This is the price level where the coin was found in the starting weeks of the month. If the price falls to get enough bullish moments, it will be compelled to test the support level at $0.291. It will be bad news for the XRP market.

In a 4-hour daily chart of Ripple, MACD indicated the rise of XRP’s price after undergoing a bullish trend. But the bullish momentum is necessary in this case. The RSI indicates a slight divergence because it moves away from an overbought situation (Picture credit:  


It is expected that the XRP’s price will rise in the coming days and it will move to the closest resistance point at $0.307. But, it bullish momentum will continue in long term price movement, the coin will be found near the price which was at the start of August. On the other hand, if the price remains at the descending level, then the price will be forced to drop down a little, it will have to test the support at $0.291.

Daily XRP News