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If you’re XRP holder then there is very big chance that your not into trading as it’s very hard to make profit from it and most likely your going to lose your fund.

What if you can make trades where these risks have brought down for you?
What if you can make trades where community gives you guidelines what trades are working and not?

We have tested now over 3 months platform called Bitsgap and we must say that results are really good.

Not only our XRP holdings are growing but BTC, ETH, BNB bags also increasing day by day.

Here are some of the results that we had with Bitsgap.

XRP Trading

As you can see from this bot. It made 17 668 trades in 18 days.
In total we got over + 1724 XRP. In the real world we could never executed these trades ourselves.

Here are also some other trades that we had nice run with ETH and BNB.

ETH Trading
BNB Trading

If your interested in automated trading and would like to increase your
bags then you can test run a for free Bitsgap.

All though we don’t have any professional technical analyse of cryptocurrency’s and managed to make these profits you must keep in mind that trading still involves risk and same results are not guaranteed.

Before you put your own money into Bitsgap we recommend to run everything in Demo mode and do back testing.

Also make sure to understand the platform clearly, as we made some of the mistakes in the beginning for not understanding everything.

You can learn more about

If you need any help with Bitsgap it then feel free to contact us or contact us in Twitter @dailyxrp_news and will try to help you out.

Daily XRP News
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