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True Bearable Guy & Ripple Riddler Predictions?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey Oz, is this what you guys were talking about in the Zoo when I jumped in on the tail end? Now I understand the context of what was going on. This makes more sense from my side now that I see your video. Thanks. Great way to present this topic!

  2. hi oz any chance you could share your thoughts on Cobalt and what happens when we get classed as a commodity? i feel we are
    like copper or gold as we are going to be used as digital resource. they are talking 1 second transaction times. not many people talking about Cobalt. And i remember Suzie talking about commodities that the price can be set at price from the Comex rule.And its not like getting a speeding ticket from the asx if the price jumps

  3. RR is full of it, he/she has/had no inside info at all and sucked in so many gullible people… BG123 he/she predicted $589 EOY 2018….. hold up…. I think we ended the year at around 30 cents… BG123 is also full of it. These images could mean so many things and its easy to tie in an event after the fact or indeed multiple events. Its all BS. I invest on the factual potential not nonsense drawings.

  4. You only see what you want to see but logic is Reasoning and the price will only follow true logic and reasoning I,E adoption and real use case

  5. A possible link to this picture is the broken sceptre and the link to the ides of March with so much apparently going on this month for xrp. Could this picture hint at that?

  6. Hi oz.. personally i was doubtful at 1st.. but there have been instants.. i.e on of riddlers videos can out with balloons about a month before uphold started.. their logo balloons and the same colours.. bearableguy has had a few too.. im not saying the price predictions are right.. but they are in the know!. For all we know it could be someone having fun that works at the IMF

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