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Trump Appointee and CFTC Chairman says ‘Crypto is Here to Stay’. FSOC

Daily XRP News

XRP Daily News
XRP community calls out Coinbase over misleading claim that ‘XRP is permanently lost

XRP: Yoshitaka Kitao says he could become an “official of the Ripple Inc.

Ripple News – Ripple CEO Doubles Down on His Criticism of JPM Coin

The Daily HODL Report
Brian Kelly Calls Bitcoin and Crypto Bottom, Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Stellar: Crypto News Flash

Ripple News – Ripple-Powered Firm Lowers Fees by 80%, Making Remittance Faster Than SWIFT, Cheaper Than Western Union

CFTC Crypto DAD Crypto MOM DC Blockchain summit Undeniable Crypto hold Enormous commercial promise

Crypto Critic Admits He Was ‘Very Wrong’, Calls Bitcoin Digital Gold: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Price Analysis

US: Denver to Use Mobile Voting Blockchain Platform Aimed at Overseas Voters in Elections CKJ Crypto News Patreon Group TRX XRP SAME INVESTORS
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Daily XRP News
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