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  1. Stupid US arogant SWIFT, there was the oppertunity to die XRP revolutionairy. Now China is first with digital currency

  2. With all the facts, this is the one that gives hope,,,,trumps slogan is make America great again,,,,other countries don’t wanna see America prosper, they don’t trust the American dollar or that it’s the worlds reserve currency,,,America doesn’t have enough time to create another platform/coin, other countries are already adopting an using the worlds greatest digital asset,,,America will be left behind unless trump makes America great again by adopting XRP🚀🚀🚀🚀bullish,,,it’s like watching drug dealers in the hood forced to do business with a party they don’t like bc of the service provided🚀🚀🚀🚀bullish they would freeze America out an watch it fall, unless this American tech makes America great again

  3. Once again, the king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin seems to be building up momentum for a breakout above $9,000 against the US dollar which shows that the bulls are still very much in control. these also serve as the time to buy and look for a working strategy/signals to accumulate more, although I don’t kick against holding. Nevertheless, I still see it as a very good time to trade actively in the market reason being that it is much more profitable and safer with the right trade signals in place and backed with the right guidance. My mentor still remains Mr.Brian Charles because of how much his trade signals and strategy have been of benefit to me, having grown my portfolio from 0.9 BTC to 6.8 BTC in four weeks. However, I would still advise people to buy at this price and also trade with the little you hold so as to build a very strong portfolio ahead of the * Bitcoin halving* market. Brian can be reached on telegram (Brian_doby)for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

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