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**TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDER** FDR Gold Confiscation & The Ripple/XRP Gold Standard RESET

Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I keep seeing your vids and all of them have some problems in common (other viewers might disagree with me). Your point of view towards XRP seems to be very biased. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a gut feeling about XRP since I saw it for the first time back in 2016-2017 (before that mega Bull run) and I have always kept some XRP around. But you can’t suggest XRP is going to become God’s money just like that considering all the other types of assets and investments that exist in the world right now. In fact, I would like for you to post a video (not sure if you did it already) of the consequences Ripple could face if it gets considered as a security and not a commodity. Another problem I see is the topics that you are naming your videos with. Purely click bait and I find that to be something that can destroy the trust of your viewers eventually and it will spook away thousands of possible new viewers. Remember that there is a very intelligent community inside of the crypto industry and we don’t buy into things out of thin air. And that voice man, my dude, brotha, mate, CHRIST! Have you spoken like that throughout your life with everyone else??? I am purely curious to know (not telling you to stop it) if this IS the way you really talk because it makes it difficult for me to stay long enough to listen to the whole video. Keep producing content man and keep churning through the noise to bring us the ACTUAL value in all the info that is out there.

  2. Not another Trump executive order🙄😂 One day Bull might hit the target. Untill then keep firing Bull. You are becoming a parody of yourself. It's boring now now pal why not stop for a while. Maybe give your brain a rest. This shit can't be good for you.

  3. BB, you should pay more attention to Blackrock and the role h's going to play in transferring the assets under his management to xrp..
    This is huge!!!!!!

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