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Trump Issues HUGE Warning To Deep State Via Hamburgers Tweet ! GITMO Alert

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Today, we discuss Trumps recent tweets about the catered Hamburgers / Fast Food message and what it could possibly mean.. 🙂

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Daily XRP News


  1. Fema has been dropping metal storage bins off barge ; people heard screaming. Also
    I too realized why President Trump used all the Male football players to a pizza, hamburger is left over ground humans and babies that have been used abused and sacrificed by the elite all over the world. Why? Because. Illuminatti Luciferian practices has been around for centuries. Its handed down to their generations , inner breed to keep the bloodlines as clean as possible. Sick sick people. The way to end evil demonic Lyciferian ways of this earth is to turn your back on the doom and gloom, the hypnotic news , the Luciferian touches in everyday things such as movies, magazines internet, music, education. Disgusting !!!!!
    Society stripped our youth of a chance to be children . They turned them intto Robots

  2. Just a thought. Have a national lotto to be an executioner at gitmo.i would build a custom rifle and hand loaded ammo to pass down to kids then grandchildren for family history. If I would be lucky enough to win the big prize.

  3. Isn't it interesting that so "familiar faces"that aren't out there spewing their poison. It would be smart to do things covertly, so that when the "deep state. " implodes and shatters Hillary's "glass ceiling" keep your eyes open and you will see the "shards fall to the floor and shatter" like the 2016 Election that put a "long lance torpedo" into the side of the Battleship U.S.S.R. Clinton. It "came to me today" Barry Obama has vaporized, "Oh Barry where art thou"? There is a great quiet on the Western Front "the big guns ( the loud voices of the Cabal and Clinton Machine)have grown silent" You know that would be a miracle in it's self, it is not in them not to be be constantly breathing "fire and brimstone " toward the Right. Something has happened is it the "shock and Awe" Trump's Army has brought to them that they are finally paralyzed by fear, that is what is necessary to a "hardened enemy" like the left. Pres. Donald Trump is "barroom brawler" who has just open the large can of "Whoop Ass" and if you have. Satirical videos like Don Wick AKA: John Wick, also the 300 (Spartans) and the Trumpanator there is more truth than fantasy. Like in Don Wick, I could see Pres. trump,saying, " the Boggieman is going to get you"!He is here to cause maximum damage and casualties to the the Democrats,fake news media and the deep state. They have met their match and beyond! They are running for their lives each saving his or her own ass, throwing each other under the bus.

  4. I like how you break all this info down in ways uninformed people can grasp it. Great work. Now…who the F is in your back seat??? Am I the only one who sees this?

  5. Hi Joshie Bear, you are spot on with all of this. Please check out Trumps speech to the Farmers, at 4 minutes in he talks about John Kennedy, very curious.

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