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Trump To Address Nation Tomorrow! Will He Declare National Emergency?

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  1. If a deal was reached with the demonrats we'd know about that by now. They can't keep a secret. It's definitely about a state of emergency. Especially since the address is from the oval office. Oval office addresses are for serious shit.

  2. OR…………. Could this whole shutdown be a setup by Trump to "set the stage" for a national address broadcast to every home? • In MY DREAMS, he shows the Hillary/Loretta Lynch/Bill C. tarmac tape and announces investigations of Treason and Election Fraud!
    WWQD_ What Would Q Do?

  3. I'm thinking National Emergency I hope not because that would possibly mean chaos but if it has to happen it has to happen and I will feel 100x better it being with Trump then any Democratic idiot

  4. I like the way you bring up the patriot stuff ,I'm on your page and with the xrp updates,dude when it moons we definitely need to get the xrp family on the boat and have a bunch of drinks, no doubt.peace

  5. The democrats make money off of all the illegal stuff going on at the border so they will do anything to stop the wall at any cost. They are pure evil.

  6. Does any one know if it is true the Ruth bader ginsburg past away today? I am hoping President Trump will declare state of emergency and build the wall ! The DemoRats do not care about America or the Children !

  7. National Emergency will be declared and the Wall will get built , President Trump is heading the turncoats off at the pass, next is rounding up the traitors & criminals, bring it DJT

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