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Trump’s Anti Bitcoin Tweet Is Good For Ripple And XRP

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  1. I hold some bitcoins, but XRP is my thing! I think President trump gave the (Bitcoin Maximalist's) the big old middle finger because President Trump knows that XRP is the best digital asset ever created yea Buddy!

  2. My take on the Trump digital asset tweet is that he's used reversed psychology, aimed at his political detractors / opponents in the US with specific reference to the Democrats, to get the necessary Bills / Legislation passed by Congress in due course. Furthermore, Ripples affiliation with the Treasury and the Fed is common knowledge on a reasonable scale. Is Trump playing a polical game to achieve his objective of creating the much talked about 'level playing field'?

  3. I feel like when this is all over and I’m retired, I’ll have a solid DAI playlist. It will remind me of these videos and the days I put in the work by remaining patient.
    Big Time – Peter Gabriel
    Living in America – James Brown
    Fight the Power – Public Enemy
    Can’t wait to add more as I continue to listen to your awesome videos.

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