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Trumps Puts crypto On Global Scale. Smoke & Mirrors. Mass FoMo on the Way XRP / BTC

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Gates Foundation to implement @ripple and @coil #Interledger Protocol. GSMA 75 Chip YoUtUBE cHANNEL

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Start your day with CKJ! CKJ discusses Trump’s Tweet, Ripple Labs, crypto expansion w/NBA &Goldman Sachs.
    As always CKJ delivers a positive live stream with participation from crypto lovers worldwide. Excellent stream CKJ!

  2. The executive order was signed by President Trump on February 3, 2017. The order is organized into three sections, one on Policy, one a directive to the Secretary of the Treasury, and one on General Provisions. The section on Policy outlines and officially states the six primary goals of the Trump Administration in regards to financial regulation, described in the order as the "Core Principles". They include:

    (a) empower Americans to make independent financial decisions and informed choices in the marketplace, save for retirement, and build individual wealth;
    (b) prevent taxpayer-funded bailouts;
    (c) foster economic growth and vibrant financial markets through more rigorous regulatory impact analysis that addresses systemic risk and market failures, such as moral hazard and information asymmetry;
    (d) enable American companies to be competitive with foreign firms in domestic and foreign markets;
    (e) advance American interests in international financial regulatory negotiations and meetings;
    (g) restore public accountability within Federal financial regulatory agencies and rationalize the Federal financial regulatory framework.

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