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UK’s Financial Regulator Clears Air, infers Ripple’s XRP not Security.

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$10,000 Ripple XRP End Game ? BG 123 CKJ = CHINA KOREA JAPAN Trump BG twitter twitter ton rain Twitter twitter


Gates Foundation to implement @ripple and @coil #Interledger Protocol. GSMA 75 Chip YoUtUBE cHANNEL

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Daily XRP News
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  1. CKJ’s livestream tonight was definitely social media community based. He shared his viewers tweets covering crypto regulation, the youth and their recognition of cryptocurrency, McAfee’s response to Trump’s tweet, U.S. debating over Bitcoin’s value, Kahina Van Dyke (Ripple) and her connection with Facebook, CZ Binance past and present. Bottom line, CKJ’s audience is comprised of diverse opinions and views which was definitely displayed tonight.
    The winning moment was of his viewers sharing motivational phrases to live by…my favorite because it’s simple: See it. Believe it. Achieve it.
    Excellent LiveStream CKJ!

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