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The Financial Services Agency (FSA) held its ninth cryptocurrency study group meeting on Monday. According to the agency’s published meeting materials, one of the main topics on the agenda was a plan to regulate crypto wallet services and their providers.

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Series-A Round participants include MUFG Bank, SMBC Venture Capital Fund, Innovative Venture Fund Investment LP (co-operated by NEC Capital Solutions and SMBC Venture Capital), CSV Venture Fund LLP (co-operated by NEC Capital Solutions and Venture Labo Investment), D4V (a joint-venture fund by IDEO and Genuine Startups), Archetype Venture Fund (Early stage venture fund specializing in B2B tech), Eric Di Benedetto, a leading AI and Fintech angel investor and other Venture Fund, Angel investor. The company also raised SME loan from Japan Finance Corporation.

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Daily XRP News


  1. Japan is well ahead of the curve on regulation and stabilizing the crypto space ,the US need to follow Japans lead and quickly! because at the moment they seem to be part of the problem and not the solution. The most cynical might say the us SEC are even complicit in the failings and manipulation in the crypto space.Thx Eri

  2. I am a traveler,entrepreneur,lover of Yeshua,who is very suspect of folks.Yet you are the real deal.I can help as my friend and family left Lynchburg,VA,to share the WORD!Hope your well ,,as I am using crypto to help the kingdom.Been in Egypt.Israel,China.Ireland,Dominican/Haiti(so poor),nevertheless ,just a respondent o a great person who has a zest for the REAL LIFE.

  3. Hi Eri, SBI have had the license since Sept 2017. What else are they waiting on now? Did the FSA update their rules and SBI waiting for some sort of a 2nd license?

  4. FAFT – Sitting organisation President (USA), will be president till July 2018. He was with Deloitte till 2017. He was a regulation law background. Deloitte are associated with RIPPLE having given a very positive presentation of its tech before.

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