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Unicorn Ripple Bets BIG 🚀 XRP, SEC Inspector OUT, XDC & Wadzpay ⚠️Surprise, Warren Buffet Event ENDS

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. It does not matter when the SEC lawsuit will end. XRP adoption will gather steam around the world and become standard in a short time. No matter how much short sellers try to push XRP down eventually like a cork floating on the ocean it will float to the top. XRP currency that has a finite number coins which will give stability to the currency unlike the dollar which the FED, a collection of private banks (jackal island) that is ripping off the US for years by devaluing the dollar by printing more and more paper dollars. XRP will be adopted over seas more and which will cause US dollar to loose its reserve currency status. Then the US dollar will be on equal footing as other currencies and have no special status.

  2. This will more than likely be the play.

    The SEC will somehow get XRP to be ruled as a Bond (This way the SEC does not "Lose face" t through all of this.
    XRP being a bond actually benefits Ripple if its intended use was truly best for institutions and central banks, etc.
    The problem that I think most are hopefully starting to see is that if it gets ruled as a bond. You will need to be an ACCREDITED investor to touch or sell your holdings of XRP. This means a net worth of over $1m of XRP if you are natively previously below that net worth bracket. You can use your XRP to claim that you have over $1m in net worth. Taxes will kill you lol. But for the few that will have less.

    But for the few that will not be able to gain an accredited investor designation. Your XRP will sort of be held in a stasis mode. It will be just sitting there. In ways adding to the liquidity of the overall network since in theory it is locked up, and you won't be able to redeem your gains until you meet the requirements of an accredited investor.

    This was planned all along by both Brad and the SEC if things unfold this way. Start doing what you can to be an accredited investor ASAP. I personally think it's going to frustrate a lot of XRP holders. The questions come down to what will the floor price be if they set one, and will it be enough to claim your accredited investor title. More than likely they will not jump too high numbers of XRP right away such as $1000 etc. The current holders who can claim their XRP proceeds will need to be bought out of the market first.

    In the end, it was a Win/Win case. Best of luck.

  3. The lawsuit is part of their plan to stall the market, the tech is being back washed because the banks are still having their systems worked on and FILING NDA on B3 RULINGS. That's literally it.. it's called oppression not suppression. This was a 10 year plan and they continuously manipulate the sheep because they got smart on crypto. Their looking at the same charts.. the market is tug of war and they will win every time. Wait til the public traders are locked out. That's the sign, and it hasn't happened yet. The w.e.n has owned America from the get go, it hasn't changed in 300 years. The Civil War was the best cover up ever created. People think this is still the Mark, but it came twice already. Biden said so himself 🤣 Russia is last! In 2 more years you'll see, cuz half of everyone here is looking and is just can't see yet!

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