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UpBit the First Ripple Prefered Eschange for Aisa?

Daily XRP News

Earlier today 500M XRP, valued at 159.5M USD, moved from Bitrex to Upbit. I share two theories as to what may be happening.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey Sam, Are you going to attend Bitcoin Ben's event in Blanco Texas? I live in Corpus and definitely will be attending, hope to meet you there. Also, do you know how to use javascript?
    I ran across this site that claims 10,000 free XRP are available if you run the following script to test the ILP Testnet. If you find this to be legitimate perhaps we can share with the community
    Thanks, Ruben

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  3. Do you have a previous video about the XLM theory?? I have about half as many XLM as I do XRP, but if what you alluded to is correct, perhaps I should get more XLM . . .. PLEASE respond, Sam. Also, sincerest thank you for doing what you do. I truly mean it!

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