Upcoming Federal Reserve Payment Speech, Why It’s Important for XRP Holders

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Aren't they going to talk about pasted payments in relation to the domestic systems, not cross border so no XRP at all

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  3. Every 1 has a theory. Its insane. Sooo many variables

    1) Ripple is keeping the price down on purpose to attract OTC sales. = Fine when then?

    2) Ripple is keeping the price down on purpose to keep it stable for remittances and attract more institutional customers. = Surrrrre

    3) Then theres the BearableGuy = Total Garbage

    4) Then theres the BearableBull whose MOST LIKELY the same A-hole as BearableGuy but just rotates back and forth between accounts = insanely poor people grasping at cheap $0.30 cent straws

    5) Then theres the cult-like allegiance to XRP = I call them the "kool-aiders"

    6) XRP has major major competition. They have a serious target on their backs = longer time to become successful + increase chance of failure

    7) verdict = diversify into BTC LTC & ETH & other promising projects in addition to XRP.

    I like XRP a ton but its years away from being a success and the SEC regulations delays give time for competition from legacy institutions + other projects in the space to catch up and slice up the pie Ripple has been trying gorge on but isnt really allowed to touch.

    Gotta be objective AND stay objective

  4. Please don't gime any xrp good news i m happy with 30 cents any more good news will take this xrp aka turtle coin to 25 cents all of these good news s brought xrp from $3.50 to 30 cents

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