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Why It’s Good to Use Bitrue as XRP holder?

The Bitrue was established by a group of individuals from the finance sector in the year 2018. The team of founders included digital finance experts, cyber-security specialists, and blockchain developers. They aimed to establish the most prestigious trading platform for cryptocurrencies. They gave proper attention to all the aspects to make it the best fit to store XRP. The other cryptocurrencies were also considered by the team at the time of designing the platform.

The founders of Bitrue had made the best out of his vast experience while making this exchange. They have selected three words and their website seems to revolve around these words. These words are none other than Security, Speed, and Simplicity. These are the main features provided by Bitrue to its clients and these are the basic needs of the clients too. Every customer wants to be secured regarding his investment. The transactions should take place in a fast manner because no one has the extra time and patience to wait for long. The simple and easy transaction procedure can be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

The offices of Bitrue are situated in the USA, Singapore, and Taiwan. All the offices provide the same basic features and facilities to their clients.

Use Bitrue As XRP Hodler

The Reasons Which Make Bitrue Best for Crypto Trading:

The advanced features of Bitrue make it better than most of its competitors. The founding team has included the features according to the desires of crypto-traders. The following features make it the best exchange to store the XRP and other cryptos.

Low Fee Structure:

The best feature to attract the clients is to set up the lowest fee structure as possible and the team of Bitrue knows it very well. The Bitrue has a flat trading fee of 0.098%. The withdrawal fee is also relatively lower compared to its competitor crypto exchanges. For example, the withdrawal fee for XRP and Bitcoin at Bitrue is 0.005 BTC.

The clients never wish to spend higher money as a fee for trading in cryptos and to make a withdrawal. The team of Bitrue knew it very well due to vast experience in crypto markets and kept it to the lowest possible level.

FIAT Markets: 

The Bitrue also acts as a fiat market and allows the customers to withdraw and deposit money. Most of the other exchanges don’t have this feature. They don’t allow their platform for fiat transactions but Bitrue allows their customers to enjoy this feature. It makes Bitrue better than most of the other exchanges.

XRP Based:

Bitrue is an XRP based exchange. You can trade in almost all cryptocurrencies against XRP. As it is XRP based, the fee becomes less (nearly 50%) when you trade in XRP. The exchange has a 0.05% flat fee for trading in XRP. The motto of the exchange is to raise the upper limit of the fluidity of cryptocurrencies.

In fact, the Bitrue is a special platform for trading in XRP. The Bitrue pay back annual interest to XRP holders at the rate of 7.3%. Moreover, you can withdraw your XRP at any time you want. It is the most innovative feature of Bitrue. The Bitrue is the right platform for those who want a passive income from XRP as well. No other exchange provides the facility that you can enjoy at Bitrue.

Use Bitrue As XRP Hodler

Bitrue mostly deals in XRP/BTC and ETH/BTC Pairs

Rewarding Platform:

Bitrue is well known and reputed for its rewards for XRP holders. Besides, they also held many promotional events and contests on their platform. They offer a lot of rewards daily through these contests, especially to new customers. The mobile application users enjoy the most fascinating promotional event called the Reward Task program. The users are asked to complete the given task to win XRP daily. Just go and try to find these features in other crypto-exchanges, surely you will return empty-handed.


Security is one of those fundamental features the clients are most concerned about. Many big exchanges have failed to some extent in providing the best security system to their clients. Many losses are faced by clients in recent times due to the security mismanagement of some crypto exchanges.

The Bitrue has added this feature to their motto. They provide the world’s best security system for all of their clients. Once you save your coins in Bitrue, you don’t need to worry anymore. The Bitrue team feels proud regarding the security system they have employed. You can click the “Security” tab to check the extent of the security of your account. The hackers cannot access your account to make illegal and unauthorized transactions.

The Bitrue founders have included “Security” as a responsibility on their website. According to the Bitrue team, it is the responsibility of the Bitrue to keep your investment secure at any cost.


The Bitrue went a step ahead than other cryptocurrency exchanges regarding the access. Users find other exchanges lack the accessibility to either mobile or tablet PC. The Bitrue team researched and found that users want easy and more accessibility to the cryptocurrency exchange. Hence, they decided to build a mobile app that equally works on both Android and iOS operating systems. In this way, they increased and simplified the accessibility for their users. The app they built for Bitrue resembles a little to Binance and Kucoin apps. It is a notable point that their motto included simplicity and this app represents the simplicity of access that their users are enjoying and appreciating every day. They seem to fulfill their promise of simplicity very well.


The main problem of crypto traders in many countries is meaningful communication. The difference of language acts as a barrier in communication between the exchange and traders. In some cases, the transaction proves to be costly to the traders and they face a loss instead of earning profit. The Bitrue founders have vast experience in the crypto market so they knew this problem very well.

The team kept in mind this problem and decided to add more than one language for better communication and ease of users. They have included popular languages like Chinese, Spanish, etc., along with English. However, their site sometimes shows English not as a native language of their platform. This multi-language feature making it attractive for users from many countries.

Powerpiggy Program:

The Bitrue has introduced the “Powerpiggy Program” by which you can earn a lot. They ask you to save your cryptocurrency in their exchange and you will get a 7.3% annual interest from Bitrue. It is similar to the rewards for XRP holders by this exchange. Many users are taking benefit of this program and earning annual interest.

Some users don’t keep their coins in exchange due to security breaches. The hackers can hack the accounts and steal all the savings. The security risk is not easy to underestimate by the investors. But you should not forget that we are talking about the reputed and established exchange, the Bitrue. You can feel secure regarding your investment after saving your coins in Bitrue. They keep the coins in cold storage which are highly secure and out of reach for hackers. Moreover, they provide a refund of about 1 million dollars in case of hacks or security breaches. Doesn’t it make it distinguished from other exchanges? Yes, it does.

Customer Support:

 Another honored feature of Bitrue is its comprehensive customer support. The Bitrue provides a 24/7 customer service to solve the customers’ issues timely. They help the customers well in time and a professional manner. Customers can connect with the helping team at and get the solution for any problem related to the platform or investment. Another way to solve the problems is the Q&As blog of the Bitrue. They give complete guidance to customers in this section.


As Bitrue is trying to keep the platform simple, the signup method is hassle-free. Just type in your email address and a password and accept the terms and conditions of exchange. You are ready to trade once you are done with these easy steps. You are recommended to enable and install 2FA because it makes your account secure from breaches.

You can Sign Up From Here

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The Bitrue will send a code on your email address to confirm the email. This is necessary for security purposes. You can set further security plans after signing in.


The XRP holders are going to find Bitrue the best place for trading and saving. The simplicity, security, and speed will impress you in the first interaction. They are still working to make it more astonishing by making a pair of XRP for all other cryptocurrencies. The work is in progress at a high pace and soon they will introduce these pairs for investors. Though it is a newly established exchange, yet it is performing well compared to other exchanges due to the most advanced features and customer-friendly nature. The Bitrue is best for XRP traders but others can also get enough out of it. The Powerpiggy programs, rewards, contests, etc., can impress any investor. The easy signup process and foolproof security are also commendable features.

Daily XRP News
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